Before you present a plan for maximizing Social Security - you first have to find a prospect.

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InvestmentNews has chosen Wealth2k's Social Security Wise as the recipient of the 2013 award for excellence in retirement income communications. The announcement was made on October 8, 2013 during a ceremony at the Retirement Income Industry Association conference in Austin, Texas. There were 37 entries for the award.


Remember the hamburger commercial with the famous line, "Where's the beef?" That reminds us of Social Security income planning: Where's the prospecting?

The financial services industry has recognized the importance of Social Security. The energy being applied to the issue is off the charts! However, while enormous effort has been expended on developing strategy analyzer software, there's been almost no effort committed to addressing advisors' biggest need: PROSPECTING.

Wealth2k has spent one-year developing Social Security Wise™. We know that you'll be amazed by how such a high-quality, high-tech and highly-impressive PROSPECTING SOLUTION can be acquired for such a small amount of money.

Be sure to see the links to our informational documents and webcast at the bottom of this page.
To see an example of an advisor’s personal Social Security Wise Learning Center website, click here. Imagine how impressive this will be to prospects.

Social Security Wise™ will strengthen any prospecting method you are currently using. Plus, it helps you ignite new and creative prospecting strategies including Google AdWords and social networking.

Social Security Wise™ changes everything in the sphere of prospecting for income planning clients!

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